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The essence of life

“Life’s a b**** then you die.”-Nas. That quote makes sense to many of us. But I’m here to change and enhance your outlook on life. Life is the most beautiful blessing to experience. Through all the living creatures and beings in the world, we are human. An elite being, possible of countless capabilities. The chosen […]

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Shades Craze

Shades (sunglasses) have come a long way from being practical, protective, eyewear to a “silent but deadly” fashion accessory statement. As everything in life, there is more depth to shades. A brief timeline of shades took function as “emerald gems” or “flat quatarz” to watch gladiators fight. Obviously, only the finest of fine had the […]

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The word ‘swag’ originates from ‘swagger’. Urban dictionary definition: “an appearance of being very cool, smooth, looking good, dressing nice, a way of carrying yourself like a star”. This is such a perfect theme for winter as we all understand the importance of having a decent, functional pair of trainers as well as a winter […]

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