I got called “silver lady” by a 7 year old girl not too long ago. I found it quiet funny but sweet that she analysed me enough to notice how much I adore the greyish-white metal.

Late June, the 20th maybe. I got my 6th ear piercing out of 7 piercings. When it comes to piercing instruments, I tend to squirm a lot… Squirm so much, I find myself running out of the room. That isn’t the case this time round as I constantly reminded myself how, pretty much painless piercings are. Hence why I have so many.

Ear 1
Left ear: 2 ear piercings and a nose ring

Ear 2
Right ear: 4 piercings

Accessories have been part of my identity for as long as I can remember. I would always have an outgoing piece for the most causal occasion. Whether it was a chunky belt with knee length shirts or dresses, massive hoop earrings, even more than one pair of clip on studs at a time. I’d basically look like a christmas tree in late June…Everyday.

I know it’s not only me who praises the lord for my outfit glow up. We have all worn outfits we would never.wear.again because, it was simply swaggerless. Saying that, at the time we thought it was the best combinations.

Oh how time changes right? Lol.

Profile accessories

I have always been a jewellery feen, gold was my go to. It was after going through so many pieces of gold earrings, bangles and necklaces that I realised the colour did not look vibrant in contrast to my skin complexion, but blended in. I then decided to try out bits of silver jewellery which, I loved, but did not like the fact that I was wearing a less precious element than gold.

As time went on, I found my accessory style. Small but plentiful has become my signature look. I’ve changed bangles to a variety of petit bracelets, hoop earrings to an earful of silver studs and a ring on my right ring finger, over any other fingers for a more reserved look.

One thing to remember, accessories are not just about what jewels we wear, but what we throw together along with our clothing to enhance our personal style.

As for bags, I’d casually roll with a bag bigger than life, just because. Not that I had much to store in them either. The colour and authority I felt from the bag held me down for so long. Sound like a walking mannequin right about now.


Fasting forward to now, bags have become smaller. I swapped larger backpacks for mini ones, tote bags to side bags and clutches. Believe it or not, the reduction of size bags have made my life easier. There is less to store, so I limit what I take because it simply won’t fit. That means less weight on my shoulders and a cute carrier.


Find what defines you and embrace it.

Feel free to leave comments below, I’m excited to hear what your favourite accessories are šŸ™‚


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