The essence of life

“Life’s a b**** then you die.”-Nas. That quote makes sense to many of us. But I’m here to change and enhance your outlook on life.

Life is the most beautiful blessing to experience. Through all the living creatures and beings in the world, we are human. An elite being, possible of countless capabilities. The chosen ones. We don’t know why we are here, we don’t know till we take time to understand ourselves. We are US, put on earth to find purpose, purpose of the beauty of life. Our decisions and emotions are what makes us, us. Everything happens for a reason, right? Everyday you spend breathing is your chance to create that reason.

Specially as a women. We have been blessed with the power of intuition. Something we tend to ignore. We ignore this through the consummation of society, brainwashed from a young age through advertisements, films and most engagingly now, social media. This creates a disconnection to ourselves to what a lot have allowed to make it their delusional reality. Little do we understand, and fail to see, society encourages us to NOT trust ourselves but to trust the ‘order’ and ‘reason’ made up through science.

I, myself have been on a journey. I’ve ignored my intuition in situations that could have been heavily avoided. If I only trusted in myself. Sound familiar? Through these mistakes, I took time out to understand myself and to follow my intuition which has made my life the beautiful experience it now is, not that it’s perfect…far from. It’s a blessing.

“Be careful for what you ask for, you might just get it”-Kush. This quote has been drilled into me from birth. I never quite understood the meaning because I thought everything I asked for, I should receive. I never looked at is as protection when I didn’t receive my desired outcome. When we force things to go our way there is something that doesn’t feel right. But as we allow life to flow, in patience, everything makes sense.

Through my ongoing transition, I now have a life motto. “I aim to be as water”-Afeefa. Water is the most beautiful feature to look at. It helps us connect with nature and be at peace within. Just by looking at it! We cannot forget our body is made with up to 70% water…So is earth. I’ll allow you to connect the dots. Water is my life motto because it’s still and peaceful. Only reacts when something gets thrown into it, then, remains back to it’s stillness.

Happiness is our birth right. As a child we dream and fix those dreams to our reality, thinking we are; firemen, artists, photographers, doctors, princesses…which I still think I am. Only as we get older those dreams crush. Piece by piece. So fast we don’t realise it’s happening. Through the pace of life and age we are taught that dreams are ‘clouded, distorted, fake realities’. So, with that,we leave it all behind and end up settling for less. Little do we know we are infinite souls, formed into matter and capable of anything.

Out of all the beings in the world we are powerful and capable enough to turn our visions into a 3-D, physical form. But as previously mentioned, we do not trust ourselves to do this, only those who believe in their purpose have made what we call impossible, possible hence Steve Jobs, James Dyson, Bruce Kilgore, Jay Z and many more successfull careers. They believed.

To conclude, happiness is key but bare in mind, because something makes you happy it does not mean it’s good for you. Too much of anything isn’t good for you. Perfect reason why chocolate/ sweets give us diabities.

Not everyday will be a good one. We go through seasons like the weather. Find balance, you’re all you have so don’t run from yourself.

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