Shades Craze

Shades (sunglasses) have come a long way from being practical, protective, eyewear to a “silent but deadly” fashion accessory statement.

As everything in life, there is more depth to shades. A brief timeline of shades took function as “emerald gems” or “flat quatarz” to watch gladiators fight. Obviously, only the finest of fine had the pleasure of looking through gem lenses . Ancient Romans as we know, did everything in style.

Moving onto other cultural uses of shades. China, throughout the 12th century used shades in court rooms as protection through interrogation processes. Done with the intention to hide the witnesses eye expression. We all know, eyes are the key to our soul.

However, the modern use of shades other than them being a fashion statement are beneficial to our health. Shades can prevent muscular degeneration, slow down cataracts and prevent major sunburns. In severe cases, this contributes to skin cancer due to the thin layer of skin around our eyes.


Émon eyewear, created in 2017 by 2 friends, a New York based fashion designer and London based human rights lawyer. From the sound of each designers occupation and the look of their first collection, Émon eyewear are bringing a new, fresh, fun and different twist on shades.

Each style are produced in very limited quantities. The production would never be more than 50 of each style. “The foundation supports art that draws attention to inequality and challenges us to see the world from new perspectives.” You will see this statement intertwined with each individually styled shade.


As you can see through the quality of lenses, shown in both images above, Émon eyewear take careful consideration, detail and care in making sure their customers have the best. Other than the fact the shades are as rare as up to 50 pairs, the lenses are made by Carl Zeiss; German scientist instrument maker, optician and inventor. Through his interest in microscopes he refined the historic use and quality of lenses, spectacles, contact lenses and in this case Èmon eyewear. Èmon integrates history with modern culture. The polarised and anti-reflective lens is made to reduce the amount of reflective lighting.

“Small Cat Eye Shades” // Spitalfields market //

As amazing as sunglasses are; they are not of all the same quality. If your target is to pick a stylish pair, buy it, then add custom lenses for your UV protection. UVA/UVB rays generate from the sun, even through clouds which is hard to believe living in a city as grey looking as London.

Check out Sunglasses Hub for further details on lens tones, style and need to fit you whether the weather.

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