Brow and Lash perfection

“Yes, they’re real.” I happen to quote this daily referring to my eyebrows and eyelashes. The questions and comments come from strangers, friends and family so I think it’s only right to make a post for you to understand how I achieve a natural, minimal everyday look with a few brush strokes.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but every time I buy mascara it’s different from the last. I’m always in search for something better even if the previous was good. I find it hard buying mascara because I need something simple. I’ve been blessed with naturally long lashes, and many of them. I don’t need a mascara to improve the length but one to keep the lashes separate.

Eyelashes Deleteafter

If you remember from my first post “cosmopolitan inspiration article”, I used “L’oreal Mega Volume” mascara. This improved the volume of my lashes which seemed essential at the time. When I realised I needed something less defined I moved onto Benefit’s “They’re Real” mascara which, at the time, intrigued me but eventually had the same standard clumping effect as any other mascara. This effect makes my lashes look as thick as spider legs…stress.

However, I finally feel that I’ve found the most perfect mascara for myself. It was actually recommended and demonstrated on me by a lovely Benefit sales advisor. While she was demonstrating “roller lash” on me she exclaimed that I didn’t need anything to enhance the length or volume but one to separate my lashes as they naturally collide.

Benefit’s “Roller Lash” works wonders! 1-3 layers are enough. I’d even recommend using it for false lashes- again, to enhance and separate them consistently. Win Win…We like winning.

1 layer of Benefit Roller Lash
2 layers of Benefit Roller Lash
3 Layers of Benefit Roller Lash

Q+A of most frequently asked questions:

  • Are you eyelashes real?ย 
  • Yes
  • Do you use an eyelash curler?
  • No
  • What foundation do you use?
  • Water + Shea Butter before bed
  • Are your eyebrows tinted, false or micro bladed?
  • No
  • How many layers of mascara do you use?
  • Up to 3, depending on the chosen look

Moving onto my eyebrows, which were once described as werewolves in my younger years are now my most loved facial feature, funny how that works right. The process to me keeping my eyebrows in shape is pretty simple. Just don’t trouble them too much.

Fist things first, we need to remember our eyebrows follow our eye shape. That’s why there are so many different eyebrow shapes. We are all unique so follow your unique eyebrow shape. Don’t bother trying a new shape thinking it’ll be better than your natural one. You’ll look abnormal. Don’t believe me? Try it out.

L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper

I have only had my eyebrows done professionally once. They were waxed but not as good as I envisioned. It was then I decided to shape my brows myself. I must say, I started off quite terribly. Using an electric shaver to create the shape which left my “shaved hairs” obviously still visible. I have been through the whole process of trying ways possible of fixing my eyebrows and the one I am currently using will stick with me for life. Tweezing. Not only does this pull my hairs from the roots but you can reach any angle and tweak problems easier than waxing, threading or in some cases bleaching.

Less is best, a quote we tend to hear but not follow. Once you follow it, it integrates with everything you do in life. Hence my minimal make up routine in creating simplicity to beauty from my eyebrows to eyelashes. I must mention how much time this saves me whereas if I wore the full shebang of make up I will be spending most of my time faffing around.

What also helps me which can help you wear minimal make up is knowing where your flaws are but not caring about them. Life is full of flaws.

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