The word ‘swag’ originates from ‘swagger’. Urban dictionary definition: “an appearance of being very cool, smooth, looking good, dressing nice, a way of carrying yourself like a star”. This is such a perfect theme for winter as we all understand the importance of having a decent, functional pair of trainers as well as a winter jacket to keep us looking cool but keeping warm, with a sprinkle of swag.

My definition of swag is more to do with identity, you express from the inside out. Not everyone has the same swag as you- you may feel you look amazing while people are judging the ‘weirdness’ of your outfit. It’s all about perspective and identity. We will always be judged so wear your swag the best way you know how.

As we’re integrating into more of an “accepting identity society” bold winter jackets are hitting the racks in stores so it’s up to us to find the right one, such as: Red patent puffer jacket, Gold jackets, Rainbow effect, Embroidery, Silver and Suede jackets. Each of these mentioned stood out to me through this winter season, I generally choose two winter jackets a year. It gives me more of an outfit selection than restriction. My two ideal styles are a warm puffer jacket (ideally knee length) for everyday use or a parker style jacket (again ideally knee length) for the days I feel more reserved.

My two favourite 2017 winter jacket swags:


Jacket: Zara // Jeans: Astradivarius // Trainers: Nike Town

What I love about this simple outfit are the textures which make it up. The plain colours go well, complimenting each other from nude, light to dark with a massive floppy fury hood protecting your face from the wind. You can see from the wool and suede effect fabric, the jacket won’t exactly stay in good condition through British winter.

This is where my second winter jacket swag comes into play…


Jacket: Urban Outfitters // Jeans: Mango // Trainers: JD

Here, I look more relaxed comfortably rocking my ‘spaceship’ outfit where the two key features completing the look are reflective. I love unusual features and shiny products, when I see them I turn into a magpie, grabbing it as it comes. I need the shine to produce life for my outfit, especially when silvers my 1 of 2 favourite colour.

Moving onto footwear…

Trainers have EVOLVED. Or…Nike have evolved, from being sold out of a back of a van to being the most loved and in some cases desirable trainers worldwide. From style to comfortability. Trainer designers take extra care creating the sole of the trainer, it’s the most vital part of a trainer. Like I said, It’s about the inside out.

Below I’ll show my two most loved pair of trainers:

Nike Air Max 97

What I love most about Air Max 97’s is the curved shape. They fit perfectly to your feet. When you wear 97’s out for the first time, every step feels like you’re falling down a cliff as the tip of the trainer is concave. The first few steps feel unusual.  To top off the aesthetics of the 97’s they have reflective bands, emphasising the shape.

I’ve saved the best for last:

SF Air Force 1 HI

These are just PERFECT! We are at the beginning of January, boots are the ideal footwear but you also want to wear trainers…what would you do? Buy both? I decided to buy these hightop Air Forces as I’m a fan of booties and trainers. I basically have 2 in 1 which will also be ideal for the Summer as the trainers have two different fabrics, leather at the front and nylon at the back. The trainers can be worn with or without the chunky ‘rope’ laces. The styles are endless as they can be worn with the zip at ankle length. Not only that but we all know how durable Air Forces are.

WIN WIN for me.

As the cold weather is still upon us I hope my swag can influence your swag into looking cool and keeping warm.

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