Sand&Sky clay face mask

A handmade, 4-1 face mask that ACTUALLY brightens, detoxifies, invigorate and refines your face sounds just right, doesn’t it?

Well… for me anyway

The natural, handmade product gives your skin a holiday glow, look and feel. This earth product could not be any more natural coming from a pink lake, beneath the pink lake lays pink clay (Lake Hillier: Western Australia) this product is nothing but gentle on your face. Sand and Sky have so many benefits for your skin making me suggest it to you as a complete life hack to clear, glowing, baby bottom soft skin.

Who are Sand&Sky you’re wondering?

Sand and Sky are an Australian brand found by twin sisters who simply followed their dream in providing the best skincare. And now their product are changing lives and loved worldwide.

As I previously mentioned, this product is handmade – we know anything handmade is done with love, thought and effort. In regards to this, it is gentle enough for sensitive skin and unlike mainstream face care products not tested on animals. Good start so far right?

Sand and Sky is a 4 – 1 purpose product with its aims and achievements to: Brighten, Detox, Invigorate and refine your face. Living in London with the pollution levels moderate to very high I think we can all agree it provides the worst conditions for your lungs, skin and mainly face – this reflects through spots, uneven skin tone, ageing of skin and in excessive cases skin cancer. So if you’ve ever wondered why you skin was so vibrant abroad, the sun plays a major part but it’s also due to limited pollution levels and the dirt carried in the air. Sand and Sky are all the good stuff in a tub.

Moving onto the benefits…

Sand and sky image

Brighten: (kakadu plum + kelp + organic mangosteen) These ingredients help prevent free radical damage, it creates a defence shield to leave your skin glowing.

Detox: (pink clay) This main ingredient draws out impurities, toxins and pollutants from your skin. It refines the pores and deep cleanses the skin.

Invigorate: (organic liquorice + old mans weed) These help regenerate skin cells and stimulate cell production. Gently removes pigmentation cluster from your skins surface through Vitamin A+E which also helps the anti-ageing process.


Refine: (organic aloe vera + pomegranate) Tightens pours and soothes skin after detoxifying and brightening. A stimulation of collagen production.

Here are my before and after images to show the glow and vibrancy your skin can achieve.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see, my skin is kept in good condition, so here is an example of how the clay face mask hugs and targets your affected areas.


Overall, what I love most about Sand and Sky is the smooth texture, their packaging technique and how instantly it dries. Sand and Sky have made a compact travel size product including a free soft bristle brush to help apply the clay mask neatly. The smooth texture makes you forget lumps can even appear in skincare products. Even though it is recommended to keep the clay mask on your face for up to 10 minutes it dries instantly which is pretty pleasant.

Just to mention. This is the ONLY product Sand and Sky sell and 92% of customers (including me) have received immediate results. So ladies and gents, I do not think make up should be on the list for today. Embrace your natural glowing flaws throughout winter.

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