My modelling agency experience

Throughout this blog I will suggest things you should be aware of while signing up for a modelling agency. These tips will help you avoid almost being or being a victim of fraud.

Didn’t think fraud would be the topic for such a glamorous theme did you?

If you’re just like me you must receive comments, asking if you’re a model due to your height (mine being 5″6) or your features. From hearing these comments so frequently I took it upon myself to sign up to a modelling agency.

When I set my mind to applying I rushed and chose anything that seemed good enough.

First tip: Don’t do that

When signing up to a modelling agency be specific in what you’re searching for, e.g: “Eye Modelling” and acknowledge the adverts which usually appear first. It’s best if you don’t click on them and certify the URL. If it looks dodgy leave it out.

Second tip: Research

Once you’ve found an agency you’re interested in, do some research on the company. Are they a reputable company? What are the reviews and comments like? The more you know about the agency, the more informed you will be on the legitimacy of it. Be careful – Specially in the modelling world not everyone is as helpful as they seem. Question the intention of the perks you’ve been offered.

Third tip: Perks

I had the conversation. The money conversation. There was a lot of it involved. All I needed to do was send over £50. This was said to pay the make up artists and photographers.

Sounds pretty decent right?

Fortunately, I didn’t have £50 in my account. If I did I would have sent that over in a flash, I explained to the scout payday’s the day after. Her excuses was “there are more models to interview that might fit our criteria.” Just like that. After being on the phone for 45 minutes into my 1hr lunch break, ready to quit my job, I was not good enough. I was pretty dream crushed for a day or so.

The day after, payday. I got a call from the same scout claiming she “went to the ends of earth to hold my position in the agency.” The call was after I did research on the company and when I stood my ground she suddenly became persistent. So persistent I blocked the number. Who’d think not having money can save you and the idea of money delude you?

Fourth tip: Fake Scouts

Legit modelling agencies do not ask for money whereas my two did (yes! two fake agencies got back to me.) The scouts are professionals at keeping you engaged and relaxed. Remember they finesse people for a living. This clearly isn’t common practice for legitimate agencies. However, eventually the legit agencies will test photograph you to enhance your portfolio. This does not include involvement with nude photographs but does include a fee. A couple hundred pounds.

If you’re taking modelling as a serious career path look at it as investing a couple pounds into your future. My point is – legit agencies won’t charge models upfront costs.

Fifth tip: Carry On

These tips are not to discourage you from pursuing your modelling career but to keep you aware. It’ll be best if you personally go to these agencies to get a feel and understanding of each company values and legitimacy, you may find its just what you want so be patient with time and use it wisely. Maybe update your portfolio? An opportunity is only a phone call away.

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