Skin care routine

Your face is what represents you, your face is your identity, your face is what people judge as part of the 3 second rule so it’s your job to keep it in tact. Makes sense why so many women cover their natural beauty due to their own insecurities. The insecurities we see are usually overlooked by strangers or people we know, so no need to hide my beautiful people.

To commence…

My skin care routine is one that’s important to me, a bit like brushing my teeth. As well as being blessed with clear skin I need to do my job to keep it that way. As you know there are different skin textures and types so ill share my knowledge and recommend what I find best to use for myself and you.

Skin Types:

  • Normal Skin (my skin type)
  • Oily Skin
  • Dry Skin
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Ageing Skin

Skin Products and main purpose:

  • Angels on bare skin (Lush store) – To replenish
  • Don’t look at me (Lush store) – add vibrancy
  • Black mask (Amazon) – cleanse from core
  • Black soap (Cultural Independent shop) – deep cleanse
  • Shea Butter (Cultural Independent shop) – consistent even tone

Normal Skin is the easiest to take care of, it’s fine if you use any of the products listed above. Just not everyday! It really is easy getting carried away with the different products so i’d recommend to limit your facial routine to twice a week. Max. The only product you can get away with using on a daily basis is black soap. You need to allow your face to produce the oils and impurities these products get rid of.


If you suffer with oily skin, you have a good selection to help cleanse from the core. From now, black soap and black mask are your best friends! It’s best to use the products in the morning for an instantly tighter refreshed look or in the evening for it to set and still look fresh. As much as these products are deep cleansers they still leave your face feeling breathable.


Dry skin. This is an issue. We want our faces to look matte not dry! To help this I suggest angels on bare skin bought from any Lush store across England. It’s more of a face scrub exfoliating the skin, allowing your skin to look visibly brighter. Giving it a glow – more like a natural highlight. The ingredients in angels on bare skin are all organic giving it a smooth earthy finish.


Sensitive skin is a funny one. One you should only use Shea butter for. A daily routine of washing your face with lukewarm water and a penny size amount of Shea butter before bed every night works like magic. Shea butter’s a vitamin A skin cream which evens your tone, keeps the blemishes at bay as well as curing eczema and healing bites. Thats just a chip of the iceberg.


Don’t look at me is the perfect solution for ageing skin. This is also an exfoliating scrub which tightens your pours but allows you to breathe. Ironic. Don’t look at me includes the combination of a matte, vibrant and energised look. Just the thing for ageing skin. The best time to use the scrub is just before bed. Something to sleep on…


I hope I’ve given you enough guidance to find the right facial product for yourself. Overall I’d recommend using Shea Butter every night. Monday – Friday 365. Shea butter is No1 out of the 5 for me. It really does magic to your skin. I must say I refrain from using harsh and animal cruelty products. So it’s a thumbs up for vegans :).

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