My Lipstick Obsession

My mum randomly asked me “how many lipsticks do you own? Around 15?” This gave me the idea to count my collection.

Just a selection of my collectionAssembled light drawings Page2

To correct my mum, I have 23 lipsticks. My favourite brand is NYX. I’ve actually researched the company and it has the most beautiful meaning to it. I feel I have to share it with you- The cosmetics company found by Toni Ko started small is Los Angles May 1999. The name NYX pronounced as “nicks” is named after a Greek goddess of the night. How beautiful?

To be fair, my lipstick obsession started January 2016 but as I was new to the lip game I found it impossible to find my shade, so I gave in…several times. Now, I believe there are many shades specially made for me and more to discover.

As I talk you through these lipsticks, you’ll understand how different shades and textures fit into your day.

Chosen shades: 1) NYX Butter Gloss-Ginger Snap 2) NYX Butter Gloss-Gelato 3) Bourjois Paris-Sweet Kiss Gloss- Orange Pressee 4) Next-Crimson Kiss 5) Rimmel London-Rossetto & Modelsown-Laser Lilac

And traditionally a small pot of cherry carmex every night to kill the dead skin on my lips.


Starting with NYX Ginger Snap, it emits a neutral brown tone with a punch of pink in the sun, along with a smooth texture. Even though it’s quiet pleasing on the lips it still has the soft glossy effect which brightens up your face so helpfully. This nude butter gloss goes with pratically any outfit you have in mind.


NYX Gelato is an unusual lip shade but one of my favourites because of that! It compliments any skin tone and lip shape, you just have to be brave. To get away with this vibrant colour your outfit has to be darker for a perfect complementation. You don’t need to constantly reapply the butter gloss as it wears off nicely toning down the look.


Bourjois Paris Orange Pressee is a fun tinted orange gloss which is an easy wear. It feels extremely moisturising throughout the day not leaving the dry sensation on your lips. You can apply as little and as much as you want as it does the job either way. Because its only a glossy tint you can wear this colour with any outfit and feel fabulous doing so.


Next’s Crimson Kiss is a beautiful evening shade, particularly to be worn throughout Autumn and Winter as the bold Crimson matte effect fits into natures true colours at these times of year. This shade is most comfortably worn with darker outfits as its dark in itself but vibrant. This lipstick stays for hours on end and doesn’t feel dry as matte lipsticks usually do. It’s been the best purchase I’ve come across from Next! And that’s a statement in itself.


This final shade is a cheat as I mix two colours together. Rimmel Rossetto and Modelsown Laser Lilac are a match made in heaven! The natural holochrome effect goes perfectly with the undertone of the pinky brown Rossetto as both colours are similar in their individual way. This is a perfect summer time shade for when he sun glistens on your lips. This shade only goes with light, bright and clean outfits as it illuminates your lips.

Through my insight into different shades and textures, I hope to help you venture out and try shades you wouldn’t usually, allowing your lips to look as crisp as your outfit.

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