Cosmopolitan inspiration article

As I was scrolling through snapchat one miserable morning, I came across an article which stood out in particular. “I didn’t wear make up for a week” which followed by “my skin has never looked better”. This is the same statement I was saying just 4 months before when I started my journey and thought it could be the best way to introduce my first blog.

It’s a magical feeling, seeing the transformation your skin can go through when you start using less make up. For me, make up was considered as: concealer, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and lipstick everyday.
As you know that’s not a lot of make up, but I felt insecure about the dark circles under my eyes hence why I concealed it. As for the rest of my skin, it didn’t have too many flaws I was concerned about.

(How I looked before my journey with the full look, including concealer)file-1

Now, I keep it to a minimum, wearing mascara (L’oreal Mega Volume- Miss Baby Roll) and lipstick, the shades depends on my outfit or mood. I have also stopped wearing eyeliner (Rimmel Glam’Eyes) everyday and changed my eyebrow pencil to an eyebrow brush (L’oreal Brow Artist Plumper-Shade medium/dark) which gives me a more natural effect compared to the harsh eyebrow pencil.

(Half way through my journey, dark circles are still visible, but bearable)blogimage.jpg

I must add in the phrase “water is life” is not a lie. Other than the fact our body is made up of 50-75% of water, it’s a key element which has helped through my journey. From this healthy change, you may go through a phase where your skin has many breaks outs, but that’s fine as its getting rid of the impurities and toxins which were hidden over time and the freshness you see in your skin will be the result.

Overall it’s a rewarding feeling receiving compliments from the smooth, natural complexion your skin has, the complexion other women only achieve through layers of concealer,foundation, contour and setting spray. It’s about time we embrace our flaws and highlight our favourite features as nature is never wrong.

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